FP Series: the next step in LiPo power!

With FP Series, you can expect more from FlightPower Packs than ever before.

  • A wider range of capacities and voltages.
  • Discharge rates tailored to your needs: 25C, 30C, 50C & 70C rates for flight packs, plus receiver packs.
  • 3C charge rates on power packs for faster charging and convenience.
  • Factory-installed leads and connectors. They include:
    • The JST XH — R/C's most popular balancing plug
    • Packs with a micro connector or new Star Plug
  • Ultra-sonic welding for rock-solid reliability from tabs and balancing plug connections.
  • Industry-leading 2-year limited warranty.
FP Series LiPo Packs

With all that's new, you still get the things that have made FlightPower the standard for premium power packs: superior cell matching, stringent quality control, top-notch customer service. And those are a few of the reasons why FlightPower packs routinely deliver like-new performance after 100, 200, 300 cycles or more!

FlightPower packs are now available in the European Union as well as the U.S.A and supported by two exceptional customer service centers.

Star Plug

The included Star Plug is compatible with one of the industry's most common power plugs. It's polarized so you can't hook it up wrong. It's heat- resistant and impact-resistant for secure connections. And it's designed to handle massive current loads efficiently.

Patent pending.

XH balancing plug

All balanced packs now feature the JST XH plug — the most common balancing connector in the industry.

FlightPower 2-year Limited Warrant

All FP Series packs are protected by an industry-leading 2-year limited warranty.

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